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 ============================== DINNER   MENU==============================


Soup of the Day (G/f)  ——————————————————————————–4.50

selection of Bread, Oil & tapenade——————————————————————-4.50/ 6.75

Char Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (with croutons,bacon,parmesan) —————————-5.95/10.95

Spiced Fish Cake,beetroot, Caper & Olive Salsa  —————————————————6.00

Prawn, Ginger, spring onion risotto         (G/f)  —————————————————-6.50

Goat Cheese Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Dressing (V) ——————————————6.50

Salt & chili squid or chicken with salad and Thai dressing —————————————6.95

Main Course

10 0z.  Sirloin Steak with Chips, Pepper Sauce , Onion Rings & grilled tomato—————-21.95

Roast Chicken Supreme, Truffle mash, root veg & Wild Mushroom Veloute (G/f)————15.95

Grilled Salmon Fillet with five Bean Salsa, Chorizo,fondant potato & Tomato Dressing (G/f) 16.95

Glazed Pork Belly, , honey glazed parsnip & Cider Soaked Raisin,croquette Potato———– 15.50

Slow Cooked Shoulder of Beef with Savoy Cabbage,honey roast veg & Champ (G/f)———-16.95

Sea Bass with Sweet Potato Confit,Green Beans,Baby Prawns,Caper & Italian Chorizo——-17.95

Wild Mushroom &Vegetable Risotto,parmesan & Truffle Oil (G/F/V)————————–13.00

Sun dried Tomato, Chilly & Spinach Farfalle Pasta (V)—————————————— 13.00


Chunky Chips, Skinny Fries, House Salad, Champ, Onion Rings,Creamy Mash,Vegetable Of the Day,

Garlic potato,Sweet Potato Fries.



Honey Comb & Vanilla I/c with Strawberry Sauce ———————————————-3.95

Homemade apple crumble with vanilla i/c ——————————————————- 4.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla I/c &toffee Sauce——————————————-4.95

Lemon posset —————————————————————————————-4.95

Cream Brulee——————————————————————————————-5.50

Cheese Board (Blue, Brie, Cheddar )—————————————————————6.50

Please speak to Your server if You have any food allergy.

We do not allow any cake for any party.


Wine Corkage- £3.00

Sparkling wine Corkage-£4.00

Beer Corkage-

£0.65p Small Bottle

£1.00 Big Bottle


  • every patrons have to order at least one main course to avail BYO .